Pro Pressure Washing

Pro Pressure Washing Service Wilmington NC

Both homes and commercial buildings will almost always have concrete surfaces around. The surface can get built up with dirt, mud, grime, etc. To keep your property looking fresh and clean we are here to handle all your pressure washing needs in a friendly and easy way.

We clean a variety of different types of residential and commercial properties such as:

  • Retail Storefronts
  • Office Building
  • Apartments and Condo’s
  • Strip Mall Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants

It is important to keep your place of business looking fresh and clean to maintain your clientele, one of the easiest things to accomplish this is by pressure washing your place of business on a regular basis. Our pressure washing will clean almost anything that may be stuck on the building using heavy duty industrial equipment.




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We Do Windows Plus

We offer a variety of services from commercial and residential window cleaning to many pressure washing services. We even offer 24/7 off hours cleaning.


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